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We offer 100% grass fed cow and goat milk. We take the health and welfare of our animals, as well as the safety of our milk very seriously. We practice intensive rotational grazing where the cows and goats are grazing a new patch of grass every day, with approximately two months elapsing before they are on that same piece of land again. This is better for the health of the pasture, and is also the best method keeping the herd parasite-free without having to use chemicals.

We’re also very aware of the safety concerns surrounding raw milk and have performed a great deal of testing to assure both us and our customers that our practices are sound and the milk is clean. Both of us come from an environmental sampling and testing background, making us well positioned to understand possible routes of contamination and how to avoid them. In fact, we did not sell any milk our first two years of milking as we wanted to have enough testing under our belt to feel confident. Every test we’ve ever done has shown our raw milk to be cleaner than even the standards for pasteurized milk. We’ve even gone as far as having our cows’ manure tested for the pathogenic strain of e. coli, and those tests have come back negative each time.

Finally, there’s another characteristic of milk that could affect its digestibility for some people, and that’s a variation in the genetic makeup of individual cows. There’s a beta casein protein with two variations, A1 and A2, and some people seem to have negative reactions to A1 milk but not A2. If you are interested in learning more, read this article for a better explanation than I can give, but also be aware that we’ve tested each of our cows and they are all A2. Incidentally, all goats are A2, which could be why fewer people have trouble with goat milk.

To purchase our milk, please contact us directly as Oregon law allows us to sell raw milk from the farm only. terrafarma@comcast.net

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